Sensor siêu âm. Part number: LU80-5101 Flowline

Sensor siêu âm. Part number: LU80-5101 Flowline

The general purpose ultrasonic transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 32.8’ (10m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, and is configured via its integral push button display module. This non-contact liquid level sensor is well suited for corrosive, ultrapure, sticky or waste liquids, and is selected for bulk storage, tanker truck and neutralization tank applications.


Offered in 4 measurement ranges from 9.8’ (3m) to 32.8’ (10m)

Configuration is simple via integral push button display module

LCD display indicates level in inches, centimeters and percentages

Narrow 2” or 3” beam width for applications with limited measurement space

Fail-safe intelligence and diagnostic feedback for simple troubleshooting

PVDF transducer and NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure for corrosive liquids

Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement


Thermoelectric power plants use tens of millions gallons of water per day in their steam turbines and cooling towers. As such, most US plants are located in the Coastal or upper

Midwest states with easy access to abundant ocean or lake resources. These facilities have lots of sumps that collect and pump transfer water into treatment for reuse or release to the environment. But the sumps capture much more than water including grease, oil and chemicals that coat everything in the pit. Here, an EchoSpan ultrasonic level transmitter is installed over the sump man-way. The patented digital signal processing technology features an industry leading 3” beam width that enables installation in close proximity to the ladder and side wall.


Range: LU80: 4” to 9.8’

(10cm to 3m)

LU81: 8” to 18.0’

(20cm to 5.5m)

LU83: 8” to 26.2’

(20cm to 8m)

LU84: 12” to 32.8’

(30cm to 10m)

Accuracy:       ± 0.2% of range

Resolution:     LU80: 0.019” (0.5mm)

LU81/83: 0.039” (1mm)

LU84: 0.078” (2mm)

Dead band:      LU80: 4” (10cm)

LU81/83: 8” (20cm)

LU84: 12” (30cm)

Beam width:   LU80: 2” (5cm)

LU81/83/84: 3” (7.6cm)

Configuration:            Push button

Memory:         Non-volatile

Display type:  LCD, 6-digit

Display units: Inch, cm and percent

Supply voltage:          12-28 VDC

Loop resist.:    500 Ohms @ 24 VDC

Signal output: 4-20 mA, two-wire

Signal invert:  4-20 mA, 20-4 mA

Signal fail-safe:          4mA, 20mA, 21mA,

22mA or hold last

Process temp.: F: -7° to 140°, C: -20° to 60°

Temp. comp.:  Automatic

Ambient temp.:           F: -40° to 160°, C: -40° to 71°

Pressure:         MWP = 30 psi (2 bar)

Enclosure rating:        NEMA 4X (IP65)

Encl. material:            Polycarbonate

Encl. hardware:          Brass & stainless

Enclosure vent:           Water tight membrane

Conduit entrance:  Dual, 1/2” NPT

Trans. material:          PVDF

Process mount:           LU80: 1” NPT (1” G)

LU81/83/84: 2” NPT (2” G)

Mount gasket: Viton®

Classification:            General purpose

Compliance:   CE, RoHS



For optimum performance, install the level sensor using the below recommended or direct equivalent fittings.

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